Splitting the Nitty-Gritty of Chapter 16

Once again I find myself mid-scene, and already far overshooting my chapter word count goal.

*Sigh.* No wonder this chapter is taking so much longer than expected.

If you thought last chapter was full of unexpected twists and turns, this chapter will blow your socks off…and blow your hair out. In fact, right now, far as I am into writing this chapter, I’m having trouble thinking back to how I left last chapter. Because so much has happened in between—so much that it’s looking like I’m going to have to “call it a chapter” (as compared to “calling it a day”) before I consider it truly done. Which, yes, means a cliff-hanger. And not where I wanted to leave it, either.

Chapter 16 will not be for the faint of heart. You all wanted to see Lord Alonza get what should be coming to him, at Rome’s hands. I told you that would be coming. And it is. But I warn you, it will be the goriest thing you’ve read yet—and will probably alter your impression of Rome forever, just as it becomes the wakeup-call for Bre.

You all know Rome thinks himself a beast. Bre thinks he’s just a hunter. With a little help from an outside influence, Rome is about to prove her wrong.

I warn you that the intimate scenes are reading very masculine at this point, even from Bre’s perspective, because they are very male-driven. And the scene where Alonza gets his hands on Bre turned my stomach to write. I’ve decided to leave that scene in, for the reasons I discussed last blog post. As for whether Rome is just as in-the-wrong, I will leave that for you, as the readers, to decide. I only ask you to keep in mind that Rome has been defying his own nature in order to stay with Bre, and he has made no attempt to sugar-coat that. Also keep in mind what the “Wheat Girl” has to say this chapter, because it is VEEEEEERRRRYY significant.

I will try to edit through what I have written so far, so that I can post it (hopefully) sometime in the next few days. But I warn you, it’s the thick of the relational conflict. The point where you start to see the extreme levels of the reality of everybody’s bad sides. So it’s not all going to be pretty. And it’s going to be heart-attack paced.

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