Website Updates to Come

I am starting to systematically update this blog/website. When I posted the new chapter name to look for, under “Revision #1: Volume 2” (I always do that, by the way, as soon as I have a name for the new chapter), my attention snagged on the page’s other info besides the volume’s Table of Contents. Back when I originally created these “Series Info” sub-pages, I wanted to get the info out to the public, but the only way I knew how to state it was the way I was taught in English class.

Which is, in a word, quite unfortunate.

Thankfully, I have much better ideas now about how to present it.

For today, though, I focused on updating the BeastKing Chronicles glossary, based on the last couple chapters I’ve written.

My time away from my writing, while taking care of a few other things, has allowed me to see my web presence a little more objectively.  Strangely enough, my recent stresses have allowed me to more deeply connect to my characters, as well. I would like to say this means faster updates. Instead I will say it will (hopefully) make for more in-depth, engaging, character-growing chapters.

My current W.I.P. chapter makes an abrupt life turn for Rome, which no one in the story has anticipated. It’s meant to fly in the face of the Disney ending to Beauty and the Beast, where the beast turning human (i.e. becoming Adam again) seems to occur as a reward for saving Belle. That’s about all I’m going to say about chapter 21; I don’t want to spoil the fun! Lots of surprises this chapter, and “accidentally”-acquired info for readers (say bye-bye info dump, and hello eavesdropping!). 🙃

And now, please excuse me, because I have to get back to writing while I’m “on a roll”!



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