SBStileSeriah Black, or Seriah Black Sheep, is an aspiring author in the genres of High Fantasy, Romance, and Erotic Romance. She has a keen interest in how people think, and in the dual nature of the human race, and enjoys exploring theoretical psychology and philosophy in her writing. When she is not world-building and obsessing over her love-afflicted characters, Seriah reads the thickest Fantasy-Romance novels she can find, chronicles her life in journals rivaling the Vampire Diaries, and (occasionally) travels to other countries. Seriah looks forward to the day when the stories that have burned in her heart and mind for so many years will burn in the hearts and minds of millions of others.

Seriah has made her current work-in-progress available online, for the purposes of feedback and review, and as an olive branch of trust between her and the ravenous readers with whom she identifies. However, Seriah Black is the sole owner of all versions of the Beauty and the Beast work “BEASTKING CHRONICLES” and reserves the sole right to post any such material, as well as the right to remove her story in the instance of plagiarism or publication. Please rest assured that indisputable proof of her ownership of this property exists, and do not disappoint hundreds of readers by disrespecting what she continues to work hard to build.


About the BeastKing Chronicles

BKCtileThe BeastKing Chronicles was an experimental project born of a bored reader who was having trouble finding the type of novel series she liked to read. The story started with a tormented little boy, narrated in a purposely abrupt style—a self-issued challenge for a long-winded, descriptive writer—and evolved into a novel-depth tale reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. Emotional teenagers grew into angsty, sensitive characters, and soon the Fantasy elements of the plot line threatened to get swallowed up by a cyclical literary Romance trilogy of trial and error.

From the complexities, the BeastKing Chronicles have emerged into something new and fresh: a story of betrayal, love, loyalty, and worthiness, and a story with a life of its own.

Please note that any genders, races or religions within the series are not meant as a caricature of any gender, race, or religion existing in real life. All characters, settings, races, and religions therein exist purely as fiction. Practices within the pages are not to be construed as condoned or endorsed by the author.