BKC Revision: Volume 2

¤ ßeasτking Çhronicle§ ¤

Category: New Adult'Beauty and the Beast' Cover Fiction
Genre: Romance
Sub-Genre: High Fantasy
Narration (POV): Retrospective First Person Tag-team

Volume II: Ignoble – W.I.P. – Current

(All new content;  posted on FictionPress only)

The last thing Rome ever wanted was to step back into the realm of human nobility. But Bre has caught the eye of a House Head with darker sexual tastes, and if Rome wants to protect her, he is going to have to play the game like he is a noble. With the attraction between them now undeniable, will Rome be able to keep the beast in him at bay? Or will he turn into what he despises most?

Alternate Summary:

My ex-friend/ex-servant is trying to inch her way into my bed—which might be fine if I was not a beast, if she was not a runaway, and if there were not a pack of nobles involved. Leaving her to her own devices might solve a host of problems. Except my alpha side has already claimed her, and the alternative is she gets claimed by another. I swear, the next person who tries to take what is mine is going to have hell to pay.

This volume continues from where the rewritten volume 1 left off. If you have not read the revised version of volume 1, or if you have not read the epilogue therein, you are missing key character developments. The bulk of the book is set during Freezing Season, which is the BeastKing Chronicles equivalent of winter (see “3 Seasons” post).

This volume deals primarily with the development of Rome and Labriella’s romantic and sexual relationship, its worries, and its consequences in light of Labriella’s humanity and temple background and Rome’s noble heritage and beast nature.

Chapter Map

posted chapter
 chapter pending

  1. Farther Than I Thought
  2. Her Survival
  3. Not “Ideal Man”
  4. The Arrangement
  5. Can’t Touch This  Touchy Relationship
  6. Just a Touch of Affection
  7. Livery Up!
  8. Rivalry & Provocation
  9. Against Better Judgment
  10. The Agony of Beds (I See You)
  11. Training for Trouble
  12. Showcase
  13. Two Can Play
  14. Touch Me If You Dare
  15. The Scars that Bind Us
  16. Catch Me if You Can
  17. On the Kill Side of Love
  18. [This is] My Fight
  19. Frienemies
  20. Prodigal
  21. Power Cripple
  22. Shadow Prince  {NEW}
  23. Hallucination Mine / The Man Within [W.I.P.]

Rating: MA

This story is rated M for Mature on FictionPress, though it arguably merits a rating of MA for graphic content. The story has sexual themes ranging from coarse language and insinuations, to compromising situations, to sexual foreplay. The reader may or may not interpret sexual situations as consensual or conventional. There is violence and gore (quite literally the stuff of nightmares), and borderline beastiality, as befitting Rome as a beast-character. Corrupt nobility also show themselves to be violent and sexual, sometimes in the same sitting.

Secondary Genres: Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Paranormal/Occult

Magical power begins to emerge in a more prominent role in this volume. The main struggles of the story are Man vs. Himself and Man vs. Society, but Man vs. Man (or Woman) become an increasingly prominent theme.
Relevant genres include:  Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Suspense, Psychological, Angst, Erotic.











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