BKC Revision: Volume 1

¤ ßeasτking Çhronicle§ ¤

Category: New Adult Fiction
Genre: High Fantastical Romance
Narration: Retrospective First Person Tag-team

'Beauty and the Beast' Cover

Volume I: Inhuman – COMPLETE

(Consolidation of Inhuman and Ignoble; posted on FictionPress only)

I always knew there was something different about Rome, but I figured that was because he was an orphaned noble living in a forest. I tried to keep his secret, and failed. Now he hates me for turning him into a beast, and I’m indentured to him for saving me. I should be terrified. Instead I’m wondering what it would be like to share his bed.

This is a consolidation of the old two volumes, somewhere between a revision and a rewrite. The story has been restructured to point in an actual direction rather than a prolonged emotional rabbit trail, in order to more clearly define the villain and course of events. The premise for this revision/rewrite is the fixing of character inconsistencies, emotional development, and stylistic flow.

This volume deals primarily with the development of Rome and Labriella’s relationship (how they end up together), as well as the complexities of Rome’s noble heritage.

Chapter Map

posted chapter
possible chapter pending
* old title, new content

  1. Forbidden Forest (9/25/13)
  2. Friendship Contract (9/25/13)
  3. Until it Ended (9/25/13)
  4. Emerald Legend (9/28/13)
  5. Reunion (9/28/13)
  6. Unlikely Savior (10/8/13)
  7. Light in the Darkness (10/8/13)
  8. Claws from the Depths (10/19/13)
  9. Licks of Power (10/24/13)
  10. Among Humans (10/26/13)
  11. She of Little Consequence (11/9/13)
  12. What Friends Are For (11/11/13)
  13. Replaced (11/16/13)
  14. Haine House (11/22/13)
  15. Image* (12/1/13)
  16. Initiation (12/10/13)
  17. Useful Hindrance* (12/14/13)
  18. Wake Me When It’s Over (12/14/13)
  19. Presumptions (12/22/13)
  20. Hidden Message* (1/4/14)
  21. House of the Purple Serpents (1/8/14)
  22. Of Trust & Biased Choices (1/18/14)
  23. What You Wanted (1/26/14)
  24. *Not Quite Mine: In Your Dreams (2/8/14)
  25. *Not Quite Mine: Fallback Guy (2/19/14)
  26. *Not Quite Mine: Rejected (3/15/14)
  27. Don’t Forget (3/31/14)
  28. Found Out (4/19/14)
  29. Epilogue: A Game of Truths (4/22/14)

Rating: M

This story is rated M for Mature on FictionPress, though at first it may seem more Teen/Young Adult. The story eventually has adult themes, ranging from insinuations and compromising situations, to sexual foreplay. There is some gore (quite literally the stuff of nightmares), as well as near- and implied rape, and some violence.

Secondary Genres: Drama, Psychological, Paranormal

This volume has been written largely as magical realism, since no fantastical creatures have been explored thus far. The main struggles in this story are Man vs. Society and Man vs. Himself, though it should not be difficult to identify a few actual villains.
Relevant genres include:  Romance/Hentai, Psychological, Angst, Drama, Paranormal, Supernatural, Occult, Fantasy.

Season: Planting

This volume takes place largely during Planting Season, which is the real life equivalent of Springtime on into harvest. An understanding of this fantastical season is not, however, paramount to the volume.


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