BKC Glossary


behaviour = behavior (old spelling)
colour = color (old spelling)
favourite = favorite (old spelling)
harbour = harbor (old spelling)
honour = honor (old spelling)
labour = labor (old spelling)
messer = message (street slang)
yea » yes (archaic)

(good) even = “good evening”

buzzer » a flying insect, usually the kind which produces a buzzing sound or which carries disease (i.e. flies, bees, mosquitoes)

carver » a type of knife, straight-edged for the majority of the length of the blade, growing incrementally wider until it curls into a hook near the hilt; used by hunters and tanners to divide up animal parts, getting its name from carving up the meat and the hide

correction » Temple punishment for mistakes or wrongdoing; meant to condemn the action, clear the wrongdoer’s conscience, and mold the offender back into the image of the goddess

crawler » a bug, usually of the type associated with decay (i.e. worms, spiders, cockroaches etc.)

demcha {DEHM·chuh} » a coarse material good for withstanding wear-and-tear and the elements

ezekel berries

ha’second » half-second (archaic)

nabin {NAH·bin} [singular, plural] » pants (American) or trousers (English)

Power » a magical/mystical supernatural power believed to be derived from the Temple’s enshrined deity, a self-sacrificial goddess; a greatly coveted and greatly feared ability selectively inherited by nobility, but also (rarely) possible to be inherited by a commoner; heavily screened and monitored, and sometimes utilized and bargained with, by the Temple

pulley » an animal or person who pulls a carriage or cart

purging » a Temple correction technique to rid a wrongdoer of their triggers and inclinations to do wrong

sarobi {suh·RŌH·bee} [singular, plural] » a man’s shirt; usually refers to a long-sleeved V-neck style variation, especially formalwear

Showcase [noun] » a person selected out of the general population by a noble for one or more of their preferred attributes; meant to reflect the selector’s benevolence, mastery of lordship, and good sense of taste; can be used as a bargaining chip to procure alliances and hard-to-come-by favors from other nobles

sire  (m) » the father of a man or woman of good bloodlines, especially of noble blood

wooden horse » [equivalent in structure to a modern sawhorse]




cha {CHAH} » title for a commoner

da {DAH} (f) » title for a successful businesswoman, shopkeeper, merchant, or a wealthy merchant’s wife; can also be used to refer to the wife of a nobleman, if he has married down to a woman of lower status

grandsuh (m) » title for a grandfather; often ascribed to elder noblemen of a noble House

lau {LĂ·oo} » title for a servant

Mysteria {mis-TAYR-ee-ah} » [to be explained in-story]

ruka {ROO-kah} » a rookie, untried, or probationary noble; refers to a nobleman who has not lived up to his title (derogatory)

suh {SUH}  (m) » title for a wealthy gentleman, usually referring to a merchant, shopkeeper, or nobleman; title for a nobleman who is not the head (lord) of his household


corrector » a member of the Temple trained along certain guidelines to punish disobedient Temple servants in such a way as to ensure their future morality and cooperation

magister » one of the head priests over the Temple; implies a high-ranking master wielder of Power

Maiden (f) » a girl (usually a of noble origins) who is born with or develops Power reserves in their body, and is either taken from home or sent to the Temple upon discovery to be trained and monitored by the Temple; coveted for noble breeding; often dispatched on Temple business, or used as a bargaining chip in outside-Temple affairs, but heavily guarded; top of the Temple ward “food chain”

Master | Mistress » a priest or priestess who has demonstrated mastery of skills within a particular division of the Temple

Second » a member of the Temple recruited by and apprenticed to solely one master, as their potential successor; functions as a second-in-command; seen as a prodigy who might one day rival or replace their master; may eventually have more political Temple influence than a maiden



Labriella {lah·bree·EHL·uh} | Ella {EHL·uh} | Bre {BREE} • (f) » an orphaned temple servant

Rome {RŌHM} | Erohm {ayr-ōm} (m) » a nobleman’s orphaned half-noble son


Alonza {uh-LAWN-zuh} (m) » a turquoise-eyed nobleman known for deliberately provoking others and feeding off their jealousy; shady business facilitator and sex trafficker; assumed lord of House Turquoise

Amaglaedeus {AH-muh-GLAY-dee-us} (m) » an overly cheerful lavender-eyed nobleman of questionable sanity; current Mysteria and lord of House Purple

Frane {FRAH·nay} • (m) » a young idealistic nobleman with orange eyes who is smitten with Labriella

Loryns {LŌR·ins} • (m) » a nobleman with orange eyes, heir to House Orange; friend of Terrynce

Rubyn {ROO·bin} • (m) » a trouble-making young nobleman with magenta eyes; Symeon’s younger brother

Symeon {SIM·ee·ōn} • (m) » a practical, responsible nobleman with magenta eyes; lord of the magenta-eyed household; Rubyn’s older brother

Terrynce {TAYR·ins} • (m) » a carefree, teasing nobleman with sea-green eyes

*Names not listed here are not yet considered Major Players in the main characters’ noble run-ins


Elsa {EHL·suh} • (f) » an elderly seamstress known for making strange concoctions; friend/associate of Mistress Healer

Ewan {EE·wahn} • (m) » a young waiter and host at the major local inn

Gian {JEE·ahn} • (m) » a wealthy traveling merchant who cares deeply for Labriella

Kitiora {kit·ee·ŌR·uh} | Kit {KIT} • (f) » a young waitress and hostess at the local inn; friend of Labriella, friendship rival with Rome

Lu {LOO} • (m) » a tavern owner and bartender

“Wheat Girl” (f) » a kidnapped and trained farm girl brought to Lord Alonza’s party as the almond-sage noble’s showcase; potentially Labriella’s rival for Rome’s affection


Everett (m) » a temple errand boy who is friends with Elsa

Krimsot (m) » a priest emissary of Temple business to the outside world, who sometimes oversees “corrections” and meddles in miscellaneous other affairs; the priest Rome almost killed in Vol. 1

Mistress Healer (f) » a medical doctor and scholar within the temple; often requests Labriella’s services; Labriella’s unofficial teacher

Pandora {pan·DŌR·uh} • (f) » a temple maiden of noble blood with ruby eyes who bullies Labriella and desires to accumulate more Power; has heavy influence amongst the Maidens

Robearta {rō-BAYR-tah} • (f) » a matronly temple servant who has been selected to replace Labriella as Mistress Healer’s assistant


Noble Clans

Eye colors

House of Blue » cobalt, cerulean, light blue, ice blue, robin’s egg, midnight, burple (blue-purple), sky blue, periwinkle
House of Orange » orange, yellow-orange, reddish-orange, carrot, rust, sunset, shiny copper,
House of Pink » magenta, fuchsia, light pink, primrose, rose, powder pink, blush, salmon, coral,
House of Purple » lavender, violet, plum, burple (purple-blue), eggplant, royal purple
House of Red » ruby, brick, scarlet, burgundy, maroon, blood-red, cherry,
House of Turquoise » turquoise, sea-green, aqua, dark aqua
House of Silver » silver, gray, steel, stone, cloudy, white, moonstone


Haine House {HAYN} » a shady business meeting place with a broody atmosphere, used by noblemen and merchants who wish their dealings to be discreet

inn » the new and only hotel in the village, which also serves as a middle-class restaurant and bar; caters to all classes at a flat rate

tavern » the village’s local bar and end-of-the-day gathering place for working commoners; staffed by barmaids; prostitutes have a contract with the owner to work here on certain nights, in order to draw in mutually beneficial customers

temple » a religious organization revolving around an ambiguous female figure of legend thought to grant Power to a select few; a self-sustaining society of servants, maidens, priests/priestesses, and healers which exists independent of the outside world, yet sometimes involves itself in political dealings for its own benefit


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