Shadow Prince: Chapter 22

shadowyman1bHave you had a chance to read chapter 22 of the BeastKing Chronicles? That’s right: It’s posted on FictionPress! 😱 In “Shadow Prince,” Rome has a flashback to his childhood playmate Sare, which morphs into nightmare about Bre. You gain some insight into what kinds of memories and emotions Rome might have been blocking out in order to save Bre from Lord Alonza in chapters 14-15.

Mistress Healer decides she is ready to take Rome to see Bre. But is Bre ready to see Rome? Being locked in a pitch-black dungeon cell hasn’t really made her chatty. Even if she was expecting Rome (which, she’s not), this Rome would not be the one she would expect.




An Excerpt from Chapter 22

My first meme! This should be the first of many excerpts to come.


A conversation between Rome (left) and Mistress Healer (right)


The Power Cripple x2

If you didn’t see my Tweet… I posted chapter 21 on FictionPress last Sunday. Because both Rome and Mistress Healer are key in this chapter, I debated whether to name it “The Power Cripple” after Rome, or “The Silver Healer” because of Mistress Healer’s reintroduction through Rome’s eyes. In the end I named it “Power Cripple” because, used as a noun title, it could describe either Rome or (in a sense) Mistress Healer. If you’re scratching your head at saying Mistress Healer is crippled in the realm of Power, remember that she is notable among the temple wards (i.e. servants and maidens) for demonstrating political influence in lieu of magical Power.

lightning-bolts-with-laser-beamIn this chapter, Rome wakes up with temporary amnesia. He does somewhat recover from that, only to then find himself at a disadvantage of epic proportions: Powerless, within a Power fortress. Sure, Rome’s supernatural-enhanced body can take a pretty nasty beating. But Temple defenses were built to withstand the supernatural—specifically his brand. Rome was able to enter, but his supernatural component was not. Saving Bre without it could prove impossible, guarded as she is in the depths of the temple.

envelope-with-letter-clipart-free-vector-letter-envelope-clip-art_114467_letter_envelope_clip_art_hightThis chapter is epic, in my mind, because remember: Rome and Mistress Healer have never met before. Flash back to the first few chapters of Book 1, when teenage Rome is exasperated because teenage Bre wants a personal emotional response from him before she is willing to give him the note. The note is from Mistress Healer. Rome and Mistress Healer were corresponding way back then. Rome definitely wanted those notes—wanted them badly enough to admit to embarrassing-for-him emotions toward Bre. But no way was he going to clue Bre in on the contents. If your memory while reading is especially good, you might even remember that Rome thinks something about the mating rituals of humans as he’s stashing one of the notes into a tree trunk (which seems to be his favorite type of spot to hide stuff).

Well, now you get to find out what Rome really thought about Mistress Healer’s writing.

silhouette-of-couple-2785805You also may remember that later in Book 1, as Rome and Bre are walking through the forest, Rome makes a case for why Mistress Healer would make a good suspect in collaboration with Pandora. It doesn’t make sense to him why Mistress Healer has taken such an interest in teaching things to Bre that serve no purpose to her employment other than to potentially get her killed. It makes more sense to him that she is someone who knows too much without reason, and therefore should not be trusted.

Needless to say, finally meeting the “infamous Mistress Healer” is quite an event for Rome. And when something is an event for Rome, he tends to make it a memorable event for everyone involved.

The Prodigal Returns: to his friend, to her mistress

I posted chapter 20 this week! If you haven’t read “Prodigal” already, follow this link to go check it out!

Bre comes face-to-face with the judgment of her temple, with the mistress she abandoned, and with the priest she pressured Rome to set free. But she never expected to have a chance at a “free pass”! All she has to do is give up Rome, and let him take the blame…

Meanwhile, Rome is determined to storm the temple to save Bre, but he is just about the only person who thinks that is a good idea. Poisoned, and standing on the wrong side of a supernatural barrier, Rome’s rescue attempt is moving at trudge.

Bre certainly could use some saving; she’s having a pretty horrid time of it. But can Rome even make it in there? Even if he does, he has no idea what is waiting for him on the other side, he has no map of the fortress, and the only way in is a doozy…

If you’ve been trying to guess thus far as to what Rome truly is, make sure you pay close attention in this chapter! You’ll get some major hints!

Please note that I have specified in the title of Volume 2 that it is specifically entitled “Ignoble,” as it was once before. If you have bookmarked it as only “Volume 2,” unfortunately because of the way that FictionPress does its web addressing the bookmark link will no longer work. However, a simple search on FictionPress should do the trick! The title on FictionPress is “The BeastKing Chronicles Vol 2: Ignoble.” If it doesn’t pop up, try taking out the semicolon.

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Write What’s Not There

As I write this, it’s 12:30am, so I’m still counting right now as the 30th. Just a disclaimer.

  • First off, if you haven’t noticed, chapter 2 of Ignoble is now posted on both FictionPress and MediaMiner.
  • Chapter 3 is all typed up, FYI, and awaiting proofreading. Considering how many typos of “sin” instead of “skin” I already caught while typing, and how tired I was, proofreading is probably important. The chapter will most likely be entitled “Leave It At That,” though I considered naming it “Opt Out.”
  • Chapter 4 is a few sentences away from completion–the reason why chapter 3 is not already proofread and posted. Chapter 4 is written largely from Labriella’s perspective, as she brainstorms about how to get into Rome’s pants without his refusal…with a little surprise catalyst thrown in. Lime alert, making up for last chapter’s absence thereof. I haven’t named the chapter yet.

It’s been really encouraging to see people reading, following, and favoriting my story. As I’ve been hunting for stories online to read lately, I’ve been reminded of why I began writing this story in the first place. Sure, I was bored and didn’t have a book with me to read. But I also had devoured so many online stories that there were few left in my genre that appealed to me at the time. Exasperated, I realized that I had subconsciously developed an ideal male character in my mind’s eye, somewhere between a fantasy and a character I would want to read about…but he existed nowhere except in my mind.

And so I created him. And somehow, I ended up writing the kind of story that I wanted to read–the kind of story there are so few of. It’s a darker genre, traditional in its culture of men placed over women, but unconventional in its opportunities to flip things on their heads, and in its determination to get inside the characters’ heads.

And really, that’s what I wanted: An angsty fantasy story with graphic romance as both the problem and the solution. I wanted to see two strong main characters fight against themselves, each other, and the world to become one. I wanted to see the woman use her “lower” position in society to become valuable. I wanted to see the strong man have an identity crisis. I wanted to see a beautiful beast who remained beastly. I wanted to see up become down and down become sideways. I wanted to take the “known” (a well-known fairy tale in this case) and turn it into Wonderland (which is illogical/mind-boggling). If I saw one more Superwoman or girly-girl or sissy-boy, I thought I would scream…or vomit. If I read one more “let’s get pregnant and have a family,” I was going to throw something. I don’t want to read about a kid; I want to read about the love bunnies. Everybody else can go take a hike. And why do I have to wait until next chapter for a P.O.V. change?! What if I want to know what they think now, when it’s most important and fresh in my mind?

And so Beauty and the Beast was born–renamed The BeastKing Chronicles now. A series, but really all one story. A story that could continue on and on for an eternity, because it follows an immortal. A story whose romance doesn’t end in a single volume to trade for another minor-character couple, or end in a family and a happily-ever-after. A story that’s full of trials, just like life–but extraordinary trials, such as you could never actually live. A story full of characters who would be phenomenal or terrible to meet in person–the kind that could make you lust or scream, murder or sex up.

Don’t you want to read that kind of story?

What kind of story do you want to read?
And why aren’t you writing it?

New Series Name

I love the title “Beauty and the Beast,” because it immediately creates a point of reference in my readers’ minds for comparing and contrasting. But I also realize my series is rapidly diverging from traditional Beauty and the Beast routes (if it ever truly followed them at all). And in light of where I’m headed with the series as a whole…I’ve decided to name the series The Beastking Chronicles. So as the first volume of this Beauty and the Beast series draws to a close, remember the name of the series, so that you will be able to track the next installment of the series. As of today, I will start changing all references to the series from “Beauty and the Beast” to “The Beastking Chronicles.”

I may in fact end up leaving “Beauty and the Beast” as the name for Volume I, since I am having trouble finding another name that I like; the first book of the series is always the hardest to name (or at least, it is in my experience; I had the same problem with the last series I wrote). For those of you reading my story via MediaMiner, this will not make any difference, as I never changed the title there from the original. But for those of you reading via FictionPress, this means that if you’ve bookmarked a page of my story, the bookmark may become invalid once I change the story name, so if you are not a member of FictionPress then you should probably bookmark my FictionPress profile page instead.