The Prodigal Returns: to his friend, to her mistress

I posted chapter 20 this week! If you haven’t read “Prodigal” already, follow this link to go check it out!

Bre comes face-to-face with the judgment of her temple, with the mistress she abandoned, and with the priest she pressured Rome to set free. But she never expected to have a chance at a “free pass”! All she has to do is give up Rome, and let him take the blame…

Meanwhile, Rome is determined to storm the temple to save Bre, but he is just about the only person who thinks that is a good idea. Poisoned, and standing on the wrong side of a supernatural barrier, Rome’s rescue attempt is moving at trudge.

Bre certainly could use some saving; she’s having a pretty horrid time of it. But can Rome even make it in there? Even if he does, he has no idea what is waiting for him on the other side, he has no map of the fortress, and the only way in is a doozy…

If you’ve been trying to guess thus far as to what Rome truly is, make sure you pay close attention in this chapter! You’ll get some major hints!

Please note that I have specified in the title of Volume 2 that it is specifically entitled “Ignoble,” as it was once before. If you have bookmarked it as only “Volume 2,” unfortunately because of the way that FictionPress does its web addressing the bookmark link will no longer work. However, a simple search on FictionPress should do the trick! The title on FictionPress is “The BeastKing Chronicles Vol 2: Ignoble.” If it doesn’t pop up, try taking out the semicolon.

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The Chase is On: Catch Her if You Can!

girlrunningtrophyIn case you didn’t get a notification in the last couple days, chapter 16 is now posted as “Catch Me If You Can“! The hunt is on, and Bre is the highest prize in the noble game of Hide and Seek. If she wants to survive, she has to run fast enough and hide well enough to ensure Rome is the only one to get his hands on her. But noble lust isn’t the only obstacle in this game. Lord Alonza threw in a cocktail twist, so now even wrong feels right. For the nobles, this isn’t so far from the norm. But for Rome and for Bre, being drugged in such a way might have devastating results. Even if Bre can keep her mind and body anti-noble and (most importantly) anti-Alonza, the Rome that comes to save her might be unpredictable at best. At worst? Every bit as beastly as he claims to be.

This chapter is highly sexual in nature, and largely non-consensual. There are drugs in play, on top of the nobles’ corruption and Rome’s beast nature. Not to mention, the nature of the game itself is very immoral. Sensual scenes will be fast-paced and/or riddled with moral confusion, not warm and fluffy and safe. It’s necessary for things to move forward. You have been forewarned.

You will, however, get that Rome vs. Alonza scene many of you have been waiting for. Which (I warn you) is gorey, and morally ambiguous. You may imagine how being present for this scene could affect Rome and Bre’s relationship, seeing as Bre has been raised in a temple environment which considers all life sacred.

I had to end this chapter sooner than I would have liked, because of the length. However, that might have turned out for the best, because it may make for a better transition point into the next plot twist. Yes, it will be primarily a plot twist, not a romance twist. Certain concerns have rcompletethecircleemained untouched by the storyline for far too long, and I intend to circle back around to them. That circle is just about complete. If you’ve read Book 1, you’ve waited about 1,200 [novel] pages for this. (I’m studiously trying not to think about what that means for revisions.) If you started with Book 2, a.k.a. the current story installment…let me know how you fare. Maybe consider flipping through the first several chapters of Book 1, if you can handle the slow pace. You’re all smart, so you should do fine putting the pieces together, even if you haven’t read Book 1; it’s not like it’s mandatory for understanding. But it’s kind of important to realizing the significance of Rome’s personal journey, as well as what it might mean for Bre’s past to finally catch up to her.

That’s all the hints you get, for now. 😛

Longer Chapter 14 & Other Plot Developments

Well, I’ve officially passed the two-week mark on posting a new chapter. I’M SORRY!!! ): Chapter 14 has turned out longer than I expected, and I haven’t been sure how to end it. I thought I knew where to end. But then I realized I was already over 9k words in, and I wouldn’t be ending for at least another couple thousand. Ack. So either I have to divide into party days what I already have written, and just have a short chapter 14 and a longer chapter 15, or I have to break in the middle of party day #4.

Just so you know, it’s going to be well worth the 2.5-week wait—and I don’t just mean because of word count. You’re going to get all that limey action you’ve been waiting for, twice over. And you’re finally going to see what happens when Bre gets her hands on Rome. I’m not skimping on the details of the second encounter; I’m putting you straight in Rome’s head for the whole thing. I would say “Minors beware,” and all that jazz, but when I was a minor I certainly didn’t run. I poked it with a stick. Curiosity: It kills us all. Let’s see when Bre realizes that, shall we? 😉

will, however, give you a “borderline-consensual” warning for this chapter. Rome is beyond interested, but he is rather trapped. He kind of has to be, in order to “agree” to this kind of thing for the first time.

Now I feel like I’m talking in riddles.

Suffice to say, I have already contrived an ending for chapter 14. If I can write it down within only a page or two, I might be able to post the chapter late tonight. If not, it may have to wait an extra couple days.

The “Balancing the Paranormal and the Romanceworkshop that I was taking for the past month through FF&P has now ended along with the month of March. Through this workshop, it has been brought to my attention just how many holes there are in my storyline. It’s fine, as far as real-life progressions go. But if I want Fantasy to have an irrefutable place in my story, and if I want Labriella’s escape from the temple and Rome’s continued association with nobility to be considered plausible, then there are some major Fantasy aspects I have to write into the plot. And if I do that, my story will undoubtedly turn “Fantasy with romance.” I thought that by choosing not to write such things, my story would default to “Romance in a fantasy setting.” But it would seem that instead I’ve just created indelible plot holes.

You have my assurance that, in my next revision, the romance will remain integral. But I will also be adding in more Fantasy elements from the get-go—possibly in the form of an object of magical power, which would be the errand Bre was running when she got locked out of the temple. It sounds cliché to my ears…unless that object is kind of like Tolkien’s “One Ring”: possessed secretly, but coveted by many, until suddenly it’s very important because the wrong person has it.

One advantage to tying in such an object, is it could serve as a link to Rome’s parents’ murder—a very important stone yet unturned.

Then again, so could another object I have in mind—an object possessed by Rome’s mother, which could tie in the temple’s goddess.

We’ll see where all this goes. 🙂

As of now, I have no plans to enroll in another workshop. So from here on out, my energy should be funneled toward writing the remainder of Lord Alonza’s party. Expect more limes.